From delicate details to stunning gemstone embellishments, experienced veterans and craftsmen are at your service to manufacture stainless steel jewelry in house, from simple metal bars to stunning pieces.

Veteran Team with Exquisite Craftsmaships

Exquisite stainless steel jewelry is expertly crafted by skilled artisans who meticulously shape, refine, and perfect each piece of jewelry with their own hands. Especially in the key crafts that can influence the appearance, such as polishing and stone-setting.

Three kinds of craftsmanship for stainless steel material contribute to creation and uniqueness, including die casting, stamping, and cutting. Stone-setting for semi-precious gemstones and PVD plating finishes as extra adornments not only add visual appeal but also extend the life of your jewelry.

Stone Processing
PVD Coating

casting for complex & intricate design

Casting is an craftsmanship based on making molds, for that, jewelry design can be more flexible and precise. With 3D graphic design, a wax mold is created by a wax injection machine.

After melting and pouring stainless steel into molds, it can create complex three-dimensional shapes and intricate jewelry designs for rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and various types of jewelry. Lastly, polishing by hand is done by veterans to achieve a smooth finish and striking luster.

Stamping for simple-shaped jewelry

With advanced hydraulic press machines, the surface of stainless steel bars can be enhanced an embossing texture and punched out decorative patterns like flowers, leaves, simple geometric forms, etc. After polishing, the luster and appearance of jewelry can be elevated into a higher level. The stamping craftsmanship is ideal for creating minimalist-style bracelets or simple necklaces with a large volume.

Cutting for hollowing out features

To begin with, the jewelry design will be imported into the cutting software and the cutting machine in conjunction with the software. After that, the stainless steel plate can be cut into specific shapes and sizes for jewelry making.

Whether you need a bold cut or a delicate hollowing-out effect, Kesheen has different kinds of automatic cutting machines to make it happen. The maximum thickness of stainless steel that can be cut by machine is evenup to 8 mm. After the cutting process, polishing can also be applied to achieve the desired finish.

Gemstone processing for eye-catching brillance

Partnered with ethical minerals supplier, Kesheen take pride in transforming raw semi-precious stones into exquisite pieces that embody beauty, individuality, and elegance.

Selecting nature’s finest, Kesheen’s craftmens evaluate patterns and hues of stone that resonate uniquely before processing. Guided by years of craftsmanship, our skilled artisans deftly cut, carve, facet and polish, unveiling each gem’s inherent radiance.

Stone-setting to secure the gemstones

From stunning aquamarine to elegant turquoise, Kesheen’s skilled craftsmen excel in the art of setting each semi-precious gemstone stringently and precisely to complement your stainless steel jewelry design.

Our expertise extends to various setting techniques, including prong, bezel, pave, and other settings. These techniques not only secure the stability of gemstones without easily missing them but also enhance their aesthetic impact.

PVD color plating and finshes

To make your jewelry stand out in the market, Kesheen extends the design and style possibilities with various textures and metallic lusters.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) color plating is a cutting-edge technique that involves applying a thin layer of colored metal onto the surface of stainless steel jewelry. This process not only enhances the overall appearance but also improves the durability and longevity of the jewelry. What’s more, the finishes can also be customized to provide different effects and textures in the same color.

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