About Us

At Kesheen, we believe that every great business begins with a dream. From the very beginning, Kesheen, as a stainless steel factory, has been committed to leading the way on the path of innovation, infusing creativity and foresight into every piece of jewelry and decision we make.

Our Core Goal is to Nurture Brands

With years of manufacturing stainless steel jewelry for over 500 individuals and mega businesses, Kesheen understands that every brand has a unique story to tell and unique potential to unlock.

Kesheen’s mission goes beyond crafting stunning and popular jewelry; it’s about providing a platform that empowers your emerging brands to flourish. Through design, manufacturing capability, and a commitment to quality and sustainability, we incubate brands, providing them with the support they need to grow, evolve, and make their mark in the market.

Brand Story

Unlock the Key Shine of Your Brand

The name ‘Kesheen’ derives from ‘Key Shine’. Symbolizing passion, creativity, and the courage to realize aspirations, Kesheen believes that every brand is a key capable of unlocking the treasures within themselves, radiating a unique brilliance.

Drawing inspiration from the diversity of businesses and industries, we infuse this richness into every branding strategy we craft, with a dedicated focus on providing each client with their very own brand identity. We encourage our clients to embrace their authentic brand selves, free from the constraints of fashion and jewelry industry norms.

Your Business Suceess is Kesheen Working Guidelines

Following intergrity partnership principles, Kesheen makes brands thrive with diverse and sustainable stainless steel jewelry.


Honesty towards our supply chain partner and clients. Deliver quality jewelry and solve all issues to ensure a smooth selling process for your business.


Everyone deserves to sparkle in their own color and style. Kesheen champions inclusivity and diversity, allowing each brand to meet the needs of every gender, hobby, and business niche.


Ethically sourcing from mineral suppliers, applying sustainable PVD coating techniques, and making a system to recycle the waste in the manufacturing process of your stainless steel jewelry.

How We Help to Start Your Jewelry Brands

For a simple idea of sales, comprehensive service, and capabilities to meet your startup needs at Kesheen.

Our Clients Are Satisfied with Us

Future Vision for Mutual Success

With a vision of becoming a leader and innovator in the stainless steel jewelry industry, Kesheen will continuously raise the bar in jewelry quality and design innovation to meet the ever-evolving market demands and become a trusted brand for our customers, providing them with unique jewelry pieces that showcase their brand identity effectively.

Firmly believing that win-win collaboration is the key to success, Kesheen will continue to support incubated brands in discovering and presenting their unique features. By sharing our knowledge, resources, and experiences, we believe that through mutual support, we will grow and achieve success together, bringing more innovation and uniqueness to the industry.

How can Kesheen help?

Kesheen provides solutions based on your specific requirements. Connect with us today and unlock new possibilities.

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